Quelles resources pour le soin et le soutien collectif?

A new zine is published in French by Collectif Marmite, artwork and typesetting by withdrawn. The zine was a project in 2020 but due to life and communication it is only published now in its entirety… It mostly gives tools for individual and group care within activist communities. The title is translated to English ‘which resources for care and collectif support?’. Enjoy the read. Power. Love. Care.


Interview with Andy Blunden

An interview with independent scholar and Hegelian Marxist Andy Blunden about his work. We talked about his two latest books and his analyses from Hegel to Marx, Vygotsky and Leontev. And social movements more broadly. More actually we talked about Covid-19 as a world perezhivanie, his introduction of Project as a unit of analysis as well as the End of the American Century. Enjoy the watch!

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Tinkers Bubble. On the land, off the grid

A new zine on Tinkers Bubble, an off-grid community that lives off the land without the use of fossil fuels. After the debacle of COP26 it is more clear than ever that capitalism is on the highway to ecological collapse. The historical responsibility lies with the capitalist classes of the more ‘highly’ developed capitalist countries.  Did COP26 offer any urgent clarity demanded in this stage of ecological disaster? Not a bit! It will depend on the massive organising of social movements to change the course of history.

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Over (arbeiders)klasse geschreven

Recentelijk las ik enkele werken waar de kwestie van klasse centraal bij staat. Het opgroeien in de onderbuik van de samenleving, en dat ook nog eens weten te verwoorden, is geen evidentie. Het blijft vandaag toch veeleer uitzonderlijk om mensen te lezen wiens afkomst we kunnen beschrijven als working class poor. Terwijl Edouard Louis’s En finir avec Eddy Bellegeuelle een internationale bestseller is, is er nog een ander werk dat mijn aandacht trok: Chav Solidarity van D. Hunter.

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Zine: on Hold on. mental battles, changing weather, solid grounds

A new zine published by e. A zine on starting out for a walk in autumn and finding that you might walk home in winter… Or something that falls poetically under the same name. Mental battles, changing weather, solid grounds. Not much more to say as an intro. Yes, it’s about inhabiting nature and moving along. Some pictures, some photo’s, some rambling (thoughts), and mountains! Keep on walking. Keep on walking. Keep on walking.


New zine: Small Words of Resistance

A new zine is published by lef. If you want an offline exemplar, contact us through the mail adress. If you prefer the digital version you can find a link underneath. The zine deals with some concepts that might be useful in our organising. The focus of the zine is on the power we have as individuals, groups, communities to understand our relations and our collaborative work and lives. Enjoy the read.


Review van een klein boekje

DONE! Ik las de Home Yoga Companion. En: het is een aanrader. Voor diegenen wiens haren rijzen bij te veel zweverigheid of termen in Sanskriet. Voor gezonde sceptici die toch graag een lichamelijke meditatiepraktijk ontwikkelen. De volledige titel is een mondvol en is : A Home Yoga Companion: How to Safely Develop Your Own Yoga Practice While Stuck at Home During a Global Pandemic. En: het is gratis beschikbaar.

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Tada! A new web-o-space!

hi, this is the first post… Nothing much to say though, this website will be used to post and collect some stuff that has been made by with_drawn. A fresh out of the coronavirus-lock-down emerging small collective. We’ll see what it brings us and, of course, you! Quite exciting. If you want to participate you can contact us at: with_drawn@riseup.net. So far so good. Also proud to announce that with_drawn#1: Communal Care and with_drawn#2: Covid-19 en circuits van Kapitaal will be available offline at the end of this week. If you want the real stash and not the digital stuff, you can drop us a line and we can see if we can work something out.

I didn’t intend to write a lot, so this is it for now… Oh yeah, if you fancy something made by us or just want to peek at the content, you can always give feedback. All welcome. POWER. LOVE. CARE.